Welcome Launch!

We want to welcome Launch to Sharpe Reservation here at Fishkill, NY! We started the day off with some rain but it isn’t stopping them from creating unforgettable experiences! Pictures will be posted daily throughout the day! Be on the lookout!

Brooklyn Collaborative 6th – Day 2

What a beautiful day! Students stepped out of their comfort zones and supported each other on the high ropes challenge. They pushed through hikes to Pawnee rock and took turns leading their group down trails using maps and compasses. During solo reflection time, students journaled about how they can take the strength and caring that they practiced on this trip – back home to use in the rest of their lives.

MELS Day 3 – Crew Expedition Fieldwork

The crews have learned many lessons in 3 days – how to read a map a compass to navigate trails, how to set up camp and sleep warm at night, how to cook and clean in the woods, how to overcome fears to step out of comfort zones and accomplish goals, how to listen to one another (better) and what being a leader feels like. They’ve also learned how powerful it can feel to be supported by their crew and that they have the ability to give that support to others.