10 thoughts on “Channelview Day 2

  1. Good evening, Will there be more pictures from today’s activities? I was hoping to see Declan Hughes. Thank you!

  2. I am looking for Kahlik cochran will there be pictures everyday until they leave the time says 11:-54 not true 7:45

    • Hi! I am taking as much pictures as I can and I will make sure I’ll get some of him 🙂 he and his crew are doing great! They went climbing today. Please know that service for posting pictures are limited so pictures are not loaded as fast as I will like. If you want you can text me and I’ll make sure to get as many pictures of him and both text and post them 🙂 sorry for the delay in pics!!

  3. No worries – you’re doing a great job with the pics! Hope everyone is well, having fun, and keeping warm! Thank you so much 🙂

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