7 thoughts on “Channelview Crew Fieldwork Fall 2017

  1. Im so happy to see my son Daylen exploring and doing life skills hands on!!!!! Thank you for giving my son this opportunity.

  2. All the pictures are very nice. Thank you for giving my son Johnty , the opportunity to experience this avenger and learning experience . I was happy and relieved to see him engaging in activities.

  3. I’m very happy to see the students enjoying themselves. I’m very grateful that my daughter Kristina was afforded this opportunity. Thank you

  4. What a relief to see my son C. Raffaele Allocca. I trust in all the staff that accompanies the students but to see him and all the other guys and girls in the picture is a joy. I can not wait to be tomorrow to be able to re-embrace him and listen to his adventure. Thanks for this opportunity

  5. I was happy and proud to see my daughter Rosalina participating in some of the activities with the other students. I just wish that there a few more pictures with her in them…we miss you and can’t wait to see you.

  6. I can see my baby Markandra having a blast..thank you for giving her this opportunity and thank you for giving me peace of mind that all is well..Go kids..You Rock!!

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