2 thoughts on “Leaders Day 3 and 4

  1. I would like to thank the faculty and staff of Leaders high school, along with the staff of the NY outward bound program, to offer my daughter this once in a lifetime opportunity. I am hoping my daughter comes back with a better appreciation of just EVERYTHING. From all the picture i have seen she looks extremely happy and looks like she is even having a good time, the smiles give it away. I look forward to her return tomorrow and hearing about all the exciting adventures she had and all the things she learned. But first she MUST take a shower.

  2. I am very greatful for Leaders and Sharp Reservation giving my daughter a once and a lifetime experience. Helping them to challenge themselves in ways they may not have known they had the ability to achieve. I am 100% confident that my daughter will come home feeling proud of every obstacle she had accomplished.
    Adapting outside of her comfort zone.
    I thank every staff member at Sharp and Leaders crew team doing this for the students.

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