Launch 6th Grade Crew Fieldwork 2017 – Day 1

Launch students and advisors arrived this morning ready for their adventure at Sharpe reservation in Fishkill, NY. They met their instructors, got some gear, and started hiking, working as a team, and testing out some of their leadership skills. Campfires and a fiery sunset capped off this wonderful day. Stay tuned as the adventure continues. download_20170523_203555download_20170523_203556 (1)download_20170523_203556download_20170523_203557download_20170523_203558download_20170523_203601download_20170523_203603download_20170523_203605download_20170523_203608download_20170523_203610download_20170523_203613download_20170523_203616download_20170523_203620download_20170523_203624download_20170523_204056download_20170523_204100download_20170523_204103IMG_20170523_203235

3 thoughts on “Launch 6th Grade Crew Fieldwork 2017 – Day 1

  1. I’m so excited for the 6 graders at Launch..Looks like their having a blast.I can’t wait to hear all of his wonderful memories..We Love You Brandon Gardner!!!!❤

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