MELS 6th Grade Crew Fieldwork Day 2

As day two comes to a close we have a lot to celebrate – 3 crews, Elhers, Sher, and Hendricks crew successfully completed their their hiking trips! Crews pushed out of comfort zones and climbed ropes courses and worked as a team on the low challenge course. download_20170510_165454download_20170510_165456download_20170510_165459download_20170510_165502download_20170510_170848download_20170510_170851download_20170510_170853download_20170510_170856download_20170510_170858download_20170510_170901download_20170510_170903download_20170510_170917download_20170510_170919download_20170510_175637download_20170510_175640download_20170510_175642download_20170510_175645download_20170510_175648download_20170510_175651download_20170510_175652download_20170510_175705download_20170510_175707download_20170510_175730download_20170510_175733download_20170510_175735download_20170510_175738download_20170510_175741download_20170510_175743download_20170510_175746download_20170510_175748download_20170510_175750download_20170510_175753download_20170510_175755download_20170510_175757download_20170510_175800download_20170510_175802download_20170510_175805download_20170510_175808download_20170510_175810download_20170510_175814download_20170510_175817download_20170510_175819download_20170510_175823download_20170510_175828download_20170510_175830download_20170510_175833download_20170510_175835download_20170510_175839download_20170510_175842download_20170510_195821download_20170510_195823download_20170510_195832download_20170510_195837download_20170510_195847download_20170510_195849download_20170510_195852download_20170510_195855download_20170510_195901download_20170510_195904download_20170510_195908download_20170510_195910download_20170510_195911download_20170510_195915download_20170510_195920download_20170510_195922download_20170510_195924download_20170510_195928download_20170510_195931download_20170510_195933download_20170510_195935download_20170510_195938download_20170510_195940download_20170510_195943IMG_20170510_143554IMG_20170510_143656IMG_20170510_143705IMG_20170510_143714IMG_20170510_143801IMG_20170510_161204IMG_20170510_161213IMG_20170510_161222IMG_20170510_161233IMG_20170510_161238IMG_20170510_161243IMG_20170510_161250IMG_20170510_161256IMG_20170510_161303IMG_20170510_161345

8 thoughts on “MELS 6th Grade Crew Fieldwork Day 2

  1. Justin L-T I miss you soo much my love cant wait for friday .. this home so empty without you. Babe miss you alotttt be safe my boy eat and sleep well… Away from bugs please Te Amo bebe

  2. For Nick Marino… We are so proud of you and your friends, going on this huge adventure and out of your comfort zone… The pictures that we see make us sooooo happy to see that you are having a good time… But at the same time make us miss you so much more… We can’t wait to see you Friday… Keep on learning and exploring, about yourself and about the beautiful world around you!!!

  3. I am so proud of my daughter’s her first time ever leaving home with out me .so happy to the picture.Have fun exploring .so proud of u Sarah Ramdial.

  4. Tristan, we are so proud of you. We hope you are having a great time. The pictures are wonderful. We can’t wait to see u and hear all about your adventure.

  5. Angie Rodriguez !!we miss you so much cookie, but we happy you are part of such a great experience .. enjoy the last moments, cant wait to see you❤️❤️

  6. I am a current 8TH Grader at Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School (MELS), and it is great to see lots of great photos of students who I know from Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School (MELS). I hope they all had fun on this four day crew orientation in Upstate Fishkills, New York.

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