Brooklyn Collaborative – Morning of Day 2

The students have already started their day out here – taking down camp #1 and packing up to hike in to the high ropes course. There, crews will support each other to overcome fears, step out of comfort zones, and reach their goals.

Crew leader Phil captured these scenes of the sunrise calm of this morning. More photos from today’s adventure will be posted tonight around 9p.

Brooklyn Collaborative – Spring 2019

Brooklyn Collaborative’s 9th grade has arrived!!! Spring is here and we welcomed the students to a sunny yet brisk opening circle. Now they are getting ready for the first leg of their backpacking expedition where they will focus on building their Crew community.

Stay tuned for photos of the day posted each evening at 9p.

Kurt Hahn Crew Fieldwork – Day 3 and 4

We’ve had some unseasonally warm weather out here over the past couple days. The sun is out and big congratulations to all 3 crew completing their backpacking expeditions as of this morning! They are out of the woods and will spend their last day focusing on reflection and making plans for using their learnings from struggles and successes. Everyone out here has truly given it their all and they have a lot to be proud of.