Day 3!! MS 839 Crew Expedition Fieldwork

Some high winds last night knocked out our internet – sorry for the lack of photos in this post. We will be posting more as soon as we’re back online!

Winds have quieted down to create a breezy, sunny, brisk fall day. Students are waking up, packing up, and having final reflections before they head back onto the buses.

All of the crews have learned skills in building their crew community and working together to live, eat, overcome challenges, and keep having fun through it all. They will have many stories to tell when they get home.

Welcome MS 839!

We are so excited to have MS 839 join us here at Fishkill, NY! Students will be challenging themselves at highropes, working together at team challenge course, creating stronger bonds and crew memories and ofcourse CELEBRATING HALLOWEEN! Stay tuned for photos! I will be posting throughout the day! (Please know that service is limited and at times pictures may be delayed) Stay tuned!



Dear Family and friends of our amazing Channelview students,

Crews are doing amazing! They are staying positive and really building community within their crew despite the rain! I know there are some pictures missing, there are a lot of students camping out tonight. Tomorrow I will post group pictures of every crew ! Be on the lookout!

thank you for your patience 🙂